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A scoop of pop, some hints of funk and a fist full of rock…

In 2014, a new band is formed in a Utrecht based rehearsal studio. The name is TIMBЯ, inspired by the fact that the band comes from a series of successful internet dates, has its own sound and feels like rough wood of which all kinds of cool stuff can be made.

Currently the band consists of singer Tony Krijnen, guitarist Martijn Scheutjens, keyboardist Rien Koevoets, bass player Hans Kok and drummer Ron van Vuuren.

“We like to sound just a little bit different than the rest. But the groove is always there in our songs. And some of our melodies are bound to stick in your head for a while.”

In 2019 TIMBЯ made it to the semi-finals of the band battle ‘Starsound’s Secret’ (Geheim van Starsound).

In october 2020 we recorded our very first EP with producer Jordi Langelaan in the Barn in the Meadow studios. Jordi also played the drums on the four songs. Art director Martijn de Groot helped us with the EP sleeve design as well as a much needed band logo update.

Soon afterwards we invited drummer Ron to play with us, and recently we managed to convince virtuoso keyboards veteran Rien to join our ranks as well, adding a new layer of depth to the TIMBЯ sound.

The TIMBЯ sound is an eclectical mix of eighties pop, modern guitar funk and classical rock. Catchy melodies married to stylish sound design.

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