Martijn Scheutjens

Martijn Scheutjens – guitars

Martijn started learning classical guitar at 8 years old, upgrading to electric when he was 11. In 1993 he formed his first band, a grungy garage power trio. Up next were a poprock band and a spacerock band.

Martijn even had a centennial and quite succesful (albeit local) DJ career.

After becoming a father, Martijn decided to escape the diapers at home for at least a night a week. He picked up the guitar again and joined a band. In 2014 he founded TIMBЯ, together with bass player Hans.  Creativity, musicianship and comradery being their main driver.

Although his taste in music is quite eclectic, Martijns influences are mostly from the eighties and nineties. Think Andy Summers, John Frusciante, Joey Santiago.

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